Springfield & Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match

Rules from the CMP web site (we follow as much as possible):

GENERAL INFORMATION. Competitors in the Springfield/Vintage Military Rifle Match must use rifles that comply with CMP rules for As-Issued Military Rifles (Rule 6.2.4 applies to M1903 Springfields, M1917 Enfields, U. S. Krag rifles) or As-Issued Foreign Military Rifles (Rule 6.2.5 applies to any manually operated foreign military rifle). The same 200-yard As-Issued Military Match course of fire (Table 6, Course A) that is used for the Garand Match is used for Springfield/Military Rifle competition except that 80 seconds, not 70 seconds, are allowed for the prone rapid-fire stage. Shooters begin with five sighting or practice shots and then shoot ten shots for record in the prone position in a 15-minute time period. This is followed by a prone rapid-fire series. Shooters begin the rapid-fire stage from the standing position where they are commanded to load, then get into the prone position and fire ten shots, with one reload, within the 80-second time limit. The final ten record shots are fired in the standing position with a 10-minute time limit.

SPRINGFIELD OR VINTAGE MILITARY RIFLE MATCH OPTION. The Springfield/Vintage Military Rifle Match is actually two competition events taking place at the same time. Competitors in the match have the option of firing either an M1903 Springfield in the Springfield Match or an as-issued military rifle in the Vintage Military Rifle Match. Competitors cannot fire both events, but they do not have to decide which type of rifle they will fire until the day of the match. If any unfilled firing points remain on the afternoon relays after squadding tickets are issued on the range, competitors who fired one rifle in the morning may fill those empty positions and fire the other rifle in the afternoon. Competitors who would like to fire the second rifle may place their names on the afternoon group waitlist. Entry fees for this second match option will not be collected until it is determined that firing positions are available. Waitlist priority will first be given to any shooters who have not fired in either the Springfield or Vintage Military Rifle Matches.