Match Information

We follow the NRA rules for High Power Rifle. We usually shoot the Regional Course of fire (80 rounds). Due to the current limitations of Markham Park, we only shoot at 100 yards using the reduced targets. The fees for the match are $15 for members, $20 for non-members and $10 for juniors.

We typically have 15 to 30 shooters with a mixture of both service and match rifles. We usually shoot two relays so that equipment can be shared. The matches start about 8:30 AM and last about 4 hours. You should be at the match by 7:30 AM in order to sign in and set up targets. The club does have several service rifles to lend to new shooters, with juniors getting preferential treatment. We can also help with shooting mats and spotting scopes. The club members are very helpful and new shooters are always welcome, just be sure to bring a rifle that you are familiar with and one that can hold at least 5 rounds. Please don't show up with a rifle that you have never shot before.

The most common rifle is the AR15 type with A2 sights. The rules are constantly changing so visit the NRA site to see what rifles are permissible. We generally lump service and match rifles together when issuing awards. You must bring your own ammunition. You'll need 80 rounds for record and 8 rounds for sighters. You should bring at least 5 magazines, but 2 will work. It is possible to shoot a bolt action rifle that loads from stripper clips but almost nobody does it.

John, a past club president, put together a document that goes into detail on High Power rifle shooting. Click here for the web page, or here for a Word document version.

Here are some links that provide more information about high power matches:

Here is a page that lists loads used by High Power shooters (use at your own risk).

Download the 2009 Match Program in Adobe PDF format.

Range Commands for 100 yard matches