Match Results from July 5th 2003

BULLET-IN July 2003


Big turn out today for two good matches. Weather was hot, but not too bad. Didn't rain until right after the match ended. Mr. Salazar again bested all challengers in his match. It has been a few months since German didn't get the MW at Markham and we have had quite a few people try to take it away. I'm sure German welcomes all who care to test him.

We had a very large turnout for the Garand match. The club President walked away with the win shooting his 1942 built Springfield, Danish barreled, M1. I think that only one 1903 was used. While the two previous years were won with 1903's, this year M1's posted higher scores. Let's see what happens in the 1903 match in October.

Here are a few pictures from the match.

Next Match - August 2nd
Regional Course Match (500 Points)