Match Results from September 6, 2008

We had a very light turn out of only eight shooters. The possible impending impact of Hurricane Ike along with high temps and humidity probably kept many people at home. Again your club president took the match, with Mr. Sutherland taking 1st Place in the combined Master/Expert Catagory and Mr. Zancunni taking 1st in the combined Sharpshooter/Marksman Catagory. Hopefully the weather next month will be more accomodating. Next month is the yearly Springfield match and is also the club appreciation month. The club will pick up the match fees and cost of lunch for all members in good standing.

Next Match - October 4, 2008
500 point National Match and 1903 Springfield rifle match run concurrently. This match is also the Club Appreciation Match: Club picks up match fees and lunch (must be a club member in good standing for this benefit

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