Match Results from April 4, 2009

An excellent turn out for us today. Beautiful weather, not too hot and a very light breeze. We had two visiting shooters, Mr. Yaw from Ohio and Mr. Donsi who came down from Palm Bay. Your club president won the match, Mr. Yaw was the 1st High Master, while Mr. Sutherland took 1st place in the Master class. Mr. Fratz continued his winning ways in the Expert class and I suspect he will be moving up to the Master class soon. After running the match last month, Mr. Zancunni took the Sharpshooter honors and we rounded it out with Mr. Gerlach taking the Marksman class. We had one new junior shooter today and hope to see him back more often.

Next Match - May 2, 2009
800 Point Regional Match

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