Match Results from July 6, 2013

Another Awesome match day for Sawgrass Rifle Club with Paul Angelo proving his distinguished rifleman was deserved with 488-10X, followed by Randy Hathaway with a 485-16X which beat out Jorge Corbato's by points at the SR-31 slow-fire target. Angel Gomez took the combined Sharpshooter and Marksman field with a 456-2X followed by Teodoro who woke up and shot a 450-6X. Honrable Mention goes to Howie who beat Tim in the 1903 field with a 445-6X. No Awards were given in the Garand/Vintage as there were not the minimum of 3 shooters in each category. New Shooters Charlie McCulley and David Tzouanakis joined us for the match and we welcome their return. A number of shooters will be at Camp Perry for the National Matches and will miss next month (myself included) have a good August Match on the 3rd. Check out our Group Page on Facebook under Sawgrass Rifle Club (members only).

Next Match - August 3, 2013
500 Point Regional Match

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