Match Results from June 1, 2013

19 Shooters turned out on this steamy summer morning for a 500 point match which was taken by Mr. McElhaney with a 488-22X. Nipping at his heels, Mr. Corbato took 1st Master with a 485-11X. Howie took the Expert Class with a 473-16X and Gus Led the way for the Sharpshooters with a 465-3X. Robinson took the Unclassified Field with a 433-5X although she was not awarded a trophy for it by mistake. There were four Junior shooters to include the newest member Joe McCulley trying his hand at this fine sport. Due to the unavailability of ammunition and components Matches will be 500 points until further notice.

Next Match - July 6, 2013
500 Point Regional Match and Garand match run concurrently.

june 2013 Match Scores Paint.png