Match Results from October 5, 2013

13 Shooters showed for the October Match with only Tom Fratz and Howie shooting their 1903's. Fratz shot a very respectful 443-4X with his trusty old 03' and Randy Hathaway was the Match winner with a 479-14X. Angel Gomez took the Sharpshooter Class with a 433-1X. No other classes had enough shooters for winning. According to Corbato the weather cooperated and Leo made the decision to call the match a 500 pointer. Special thanks to Jorge Corbato, Leo and Liz for their assistance in running the match during my absence. club appreciation match will be held in January 2014 when annual dues are due. November 2 is the next Match - hopefully I will see you there. Guys need to sharpen up your writing skills on the scoreboard or I'm going to have to assign a score-keeper from the shooters at random.

Next Match - November 2, 2013
500 Point Regional Match

OCT 2013 Match Scores.png