Match Results from September 7, 2013

Six Shooters took to the field on Saturday braving the storm clouds that miraculously drifted all around but never touched us at Markham Park, which made for an awesome 1-relay shoot that Liz was so gracious to call the line for. Jeff Clark took the Match and the Master Class (only class represented) with a Smokin' 489-23X! Leo took his "Green Monster" M1 Garand out for stroll at the match and left with a smile on his face, so we can assume that he did well. Special Thanks to Liz and Leo for their continued assistance with the running of the match by collecting match fees, paying the park people and generally helping me keep my head out of my 4-point of contact! Thank You!

Next Match - October 5, 2013
500 Point Regional Match and 1903 Springfield rifle match run concurrently. This match is also the Club Appreciation Match: Club picks up match fees and lunch (must be a club member in good standing for this benefit

September Match Scores.png