Match Results from January 4, 2014

15 shooters came out slinging lead today for a 500 point match, including 2 Junior Explorers and two USMC Officers from USSOUTHCOM - Welcome! McElhaney took the match with a 488-14X, trading places with Angelo at 1st Master with his 479-9X, Duke vaporized the Expert field with an outstanding 488-7X with Harrison taking the Sharpshooters with his M1A typewriter punching out a 442-8X! New Shooter Amdahl proved his Drill Sgt's abilities by tacking a 432-2X for his first time out with Sawgrass rifle Club! Next Match Feb 1, 2014 will be an 800 point (88 round) match. DUES ARE DUE FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T PAID.

Next Match - February 1, 2014
800 Point Regional Match

JAN 2014 Match Scores.png