Match Results from May 3, 2014

8 shooters reported for duty today which despite the forecast turned out to be an excellent day for laying down some lead! Mac took the match with an outstanding 784-26X Duke (SB) smoked the rest of us combined shooters with a 773-17X New shooter Almeida and Summers came to bat with an impressive 693-7 and 701-7 respectively. Major Laballe Joined the club today and shot a very nice 730-13X, Welcome aboard Major. Thanks to everyone for coming out, hope to see more next month. Club Members, we need you there - the club can barely stay afloat without your continued participation, if you have reasons that we can fix bring em up and we will make changes. Next month we will probably take it back to a 500 point match due to the heat.

Next Match - June 7, 2014
500 Point National Match

MAY 2014 Scores.png