Match Results from November 1, 2014

14 Shooters and Leo came out on this fine day to shoot with Corbato taking the match with 764-19X, followed by Howie with a 760-12X for the Master Class win. Somerville spanked us Experts again with a 743-11X and RHarrison blasted the Sharpshooters with his M1A at 701-7X. Special thanks to Duke who coached 3 newbies and Liz who is always so helpful at the range. Just a reminder that everyone needs to look out for each other to make sure they are posting the right Target for the right string, there has been some confusion and we get so focused on our own that we fail to see someone making a mistake. USA Vet Phil Williams came out to try his hand shooting something other than a 120mm smooth bore, hope to see you again Phil. Almeida found out that we need a new trigger in one of the club guns when he ripped a 4-round burst in rapids (All 10's) and it's always nice to see the young BSO explorers coming out to try out the sport. Thanks everyone, I may not be at the next match (Conflicting matches) hopefully someone can take charge and make it happen.

Next Match - December 6, 2014
800 Point Regional Match and Club Officer Elections

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