Match Results from April 4, 2015

Duke paid off Randy to sit this one out...just kidding! Duke slammed the door with an outstanding 776-14X to take the match and trophy this year, Tim Somerville smoked the experts with a 749-11X and his partner-in-crime Ojeda took the Sharpshooter/Marksman field with a 676-5X. returning to regain his stature and get that MK card is Jesus Almeida who shot a 728-6X (in between conversation :)) New shooters Prusinowski & Diaz came back to play even without all the necessary equipment. Check out the Facebook page (under Chris Angell) for pictures of Elaine Wiles awarding the trophies. A special thanks to her for attending, we miss John and all the things he did for Sawgrass Rifle Club and the shooters (myself included). RIP Brother.

Next Match - May 2, 2015
500 Point National Match