Match Results from February 7, 2015

The weather treated us right for February's match, coming in cool and clear. We welcomed three new shooters this month. Four members renewed for 2015. Duke set the pace early in offhand. Then he left no room in sitting by shooting a 200-10. Clark gave away his chance at catching up by saving a round in sitting. Hatheway made a valiant effort in rapid prone, but then was let down in slow prone by inferior bullets. Bethman wowed us in slow prone with a blistering 200-13. At the end of the day Duke took all our lunch money with a 783-22, Summers took first expert with a 750-13, and Ojeda took the combined MK SS class with a 680-7 . I hope to see all of you next month! Special Thanks to Jeff Clark for taking over for the match, Nick (Dude):) for helping call the line, Liz as always for her assistance and everyone for making such a good turnout.

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800 Point Regional Match

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