Match Results from January 3, 2015

12 shooters and Leo came out this warm and "Breezy" morning where Randy Hatheway once again proved he is back in the game taking the Match with a 772-27X!, Duke nipping at his heels as 1st Master with a 768-13, Alan Summers tore thru the Experts with a 763-17! And Bob Harrison took the Sharpshooter/Marksman field with his M1A and 677-4. Jim Belliveau shot his first match with a new gun made by Jorge Corbato and a brand new shooter Michael "Airborne" Heitman shot a 505-1X for the first time! Hope to see him and everyone again next month. as you can see we had 4 targets get blown down by winds...1st time I ever saw it! Guys need to help the new shooters with everything; how to shoot, Targets, scores, scoring, writing their scores on the board Etc. No new Officers were elected this year.

Next Match - February 7, 2015
800 Point Regional Match

JAN 2015 Scores.png