Match Results from March 7, 2015

16 Shooters came to play this fine March morning where Hatheway soundly stomped the match with a 781-31X with Jeff Clark on his A$$ with a 780-31X taking the Masters. Tim Somerville again took the Experts by force with a 743-8X. Bob Chenoweth slapped the sharpshooters with a 690-9X. Shalaby brought the Marksmen with a 658-4X. Congrats to SGT Olea (USMCR) who snapped-in an Outstanding 706-6X for his first time out shooting the club gun. Nice turnout guys, always good to see new shooters like Nicholas Prusinowski and Ernesto Diaz - hope to see you every month.

Next Match - April 4, 2015
2nd Annual John Wiles Memorial 800 Point Regional Match