Match Results from February 6, 2016

17 Shooters and Bob Harrison came out to shoot on this nice sunny day with Jeff Clark taking the match with a 777 & 31X (Wow!), Nick Bethmann was closing in on him with 762-21X. Randy took the Masters with a 772-21X, Eliezer Olea posted his 754-15X for the Expert win. Climbing up the charts Alina Montenegro schooled the Sharpshooter/Marksman class with a 727-9X, soon to be classified Adams took the Master-Unclassified's with a 686-4X. Great turnout, glad to see lots of members - New Patch for members in good standing is here - thanks to Steve Shalaby for making that happen!

Next Match - March 5, 2016
800 Point Regional Match

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