Match Results from January 2, 2016

On an unseasonably warm winter day Brian McElhaney won the match with a smokin' 786-27X followed by Jeff Clark who took the Master class with an amazing 786-26X after not shooting since Camp Perry Nationals!, Tim Somerville smacked us Experts with a 743-11X and "Tiny" Montenegro (our only Junior, female shooter) slammed the door in the face of the Sharpshooter/Marksman field with a 732-4X! Nice turnout with 23 shooters and Leo. Special thanks as always to Liz for always helping out and the rest of the crew that pitches in to help. good to see the Juniors out there - lets get those NRA memberships so we can get you a classification. BIG CHANGES in what a SERVICE RIFLE NOW IS - check CMP rule book Page 28. No elections were held - Open season on that year-round!

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800 Point Regional Match

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