Match Results from September 3, 2016

It was a ridiculously humid and still day today, with thunder heard in the distance as we set up our targets. Alan Summers stepped up and ran the match again. We ran one relay in hopes of getting the match finished before the storms arrived. Jeff Clark took the match win with a 490-10, and shooting his first ever clean score offhand. Jorge Corbato was breathing down his neck, finishing with a 487-20, utilizing his new March service rifle scope. Alan Summers would also have been in contention if he hadn't been so flustered getting the match rolling before offhand. Tim Somerville took the combined expert and sharpshooter class with an amazing 474-7.Dave Saez is coming along nicely now that he has all his gear. And we welcome back Victor Taverini, who was a club member back in 2004. Special thanks to Liz once again, as she helped run the match as always.and as we were pulling out after the match, the lightning detectors went off. We snuck the match in. And we will see you all October 1, which will be another 500 point match. Thanks to Jeff for the Commentary and Alan for running the match. (Special thanks to Duke for coming out and spot welding the Target box, along with Alan and Leo for prepping and painting it)

Next Match - October 1, 2016
500 point National Match.