Match Results from December 2, 2017

Perfect weather conditions welcomed eight shooters plus Howie and Leo today for the December 2nd Sawgrass Club Match. No wind and cool air temperature made it possible for some good scores to be posted. Alan Summers was match winner with a score of 784-42X. Jeff Clark was close with a 776-27X. First place Master was Angel Gomez with 774-27X. Great shooting, Angel! On a side note, Angel earned 6 EIC points at a recent match out of state. Lake Yoke was the only Master shooting irons and shot 771-23X. Randy Hatheway was top Match Rifle with a score of 769-29X. The Sharpshooters/Experts were combined and Steve Shalaby was first with a 735-11X. Back for a return visit was Tom Winn from Palm Beach. Nice to see you shooting with us again. Bob Harrison shot his trusty M1A. Leo shot one of his beautiful M1 Garands and Howie shot a very nice looking 1903 Springfield. As always, thanks to Liz for calling the line and providing backup support with targets, scores and trophys. Club elections were held and the officers for 2018 will remain the same as 2017. Annual dues of $30 will be collected at the January match. Thanks to all who participated and we hope to see more on the line at the first match of 2018.

Next Match - January 6, 2018
800 Point Regional Match

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