Match Results from January 7, 2017

We had 12 shooters at our first match of the 2017 shooting season. The match was run by Alan Summers with help from Liz Wolny. The match was hurried along because of an incoming cold front with rain bands approaching from the west. Brian McElhaney was proclaimed the match winner after he laid down the smack with a blistering score of 783 - 27X. Alan Summers was first place Master with a 781 - 33X. Expert/Sharpshooter classes were combined and first place Expert was Jesus Almeida with a 752 - 15X. Special guest appearance by Duke Boele shooting the "black rifle." It was a great match that finished before the rain started. Remember, it is time to renew your yearly club dues. The next match is an 800 point match on Saturday February 4.

Next Match - February 4, 2017
800 Point Regional Match

Jan Results JPG.png