Match Results from July 1, 2017

Twelve hardcore service rifle shooters, including Leo and Howie, came together today for the monthly club match. It was beautiful this first day of July for sending rounds down range. There was no wind and it was very warm to keep the old muscles relaxed. This was the annual Garand Match, although we didn't have anyone brave enough to bring their old warhorse. The match winner was Alan posting a score of 490-20X. Top master was Randy with 483-20X. The leading expert was Lake with 484-16X, again with irons. The combined marksman/sharpshooter class was won by Ernesto who posted 447-12X. Honorable mention goes to Brian, who shot a 493-20X, but didn't post his score as he was testing new loads. We welcomed John Perry who is new to service rifle shooting. We hope to see you on the line again, John. Thanks to Liz for helping out. Good luck to our members who will be shooting at Perry. The next match will be August 5th. If anyone wants to shoot one of your vintage rifles, we can accommodate you with the appropriate time in rapids.

Next Match - August 5, 2017
500 Point National Match

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