Match Results from October 7, 2017

Nine shooters showed up on a muggy Saturday in October for the monthly Sawgrass Match. We ran two matches, a 500 point National Match and a 300 point Springfield Rifle Match. The 500 point match winner was Lake Yoke shooting an AR-15 with iron sights. He posted a score of 486-8x. Great shooting Lake! We combined the Expert, Sharpshooter and Marksman scores and the top shooter was David Saez with a score of 478-19x. Bob Harrison brought Halloween donuts and shot his Trusty M1A and Leo shot his M1 Garand. The Springfield Rifle Match was won by Alan Summers who was shooting a 1903A3 and posted a CMP gold medal score of 283-2x. Steve Shalaby was the only one to shoot both matches. Thanks to Rick Cassara for coaching new shooter David Fundora who shot an Ishapor Enfield .308 bolt rifle. A couple of potential new members observed the match and hopefully will participate in future matches. As always, thanks to Liz for helping with match support. Let me know if there is interest in this format for future matches. We hope to see more shooters on the line in the next match.

Next Match - November 4, 2017
800 Point Regional Match

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