Match Results from September 2, 2017

Nine hardy shooters showed up for the monthly 500 point match on Labor Day weekend. The match winner was Alan Summers who posted a score of 482-21X. We combined the Master, Expert and Sharpshooter classes together as there were not enough shooters. Lake Yoke was the winner with a 476-10X using irons on his AR-15. Nice shooting Lake! The match was expedited along since there was a threat of rain and we finished before the rain. As always, thanks to Liz for calling the rapids and providing backup help for the match director. If anyone has suggestions for recruiting shooters for the match, please let us know. Hope to see you at the next match, October 7th which is also the Springfield Rifle Match run concurrently.

Next Match - October 7, 2017
500 point National Match.

0917 Results JPG.jpg