Match Results from August 4, 2018

Seven total shooters and five competitors met for this friendly match under gathering clouds but reasonable temperatures for this time of year. A short and light rainfall complicated the slow prone stage a bit but otherwise had no effect on the day. David Saez was the overall winner with a 476-12 and we welcomed new (to our group) shooter John Perry. Many thanks to Leo and Liz for the donuts and for Liz’ help making the match go smoothly as always. We missed our members who are in action at Camp Perry and look forward to hearing their stories from this year’s competition. Alan Summers is turning heads in Ohio with a Gold Medal and first place finish in the M-1 Carbine Commercial Class event, a Gold Medal with his Unlimited AR-15 in the Modern Military Match, a Gold Coin score with his Springfield 1903 in the Roosevelt Match, a Silver Medal in the Springfield Match with his 1903A3, a Bronze Medal in the Rimfire Sporter event, a Silver Medal with his Eddystone 1917 in the Vintage Rifle Match, and a Bronze Medal with his Garand. Angel Gomez placed 55th in the President’s 100 and medaled with his Garand; Jorge Corbato earned his Distinguished Rifleman Badge and medaled with his Garand as well. Congratulations to Alan, Angel, Jorge, Brian McElhaney and Lake Yoke for representing the Sawgrass Club!

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500 Point National Match

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