Match Results from December 1, 2018

A beautiful sunrise greeted ten shooters attending the 800 point December Club match. The weather was calm and humid as gun smoke filled the air on the firing line. Only seven match participants posted their scores. Olea took an early lead with a 188-4X in offhand. The rest of us shot about the same scores in the low 180’s. Match winner was Alan Summers with a score of 780-39X (AR-15 with 4X optic). Match rifle winner was Jorge Caceres with a score of 779-25X (some kind of sawed-off AR-15 space gun). Jorge also joined the club at the match, welcome. First place Master was Eli Olea firing a score of 774-23X (AR-15). Second place Master was Angel Gomez with a score of 764-23X with an AR-15. Third Master was David Saez with a score of 757-15X using his AR-15. John Ricksen was the only Sharpshooter present and was the top Irons shooter with a 661-3X using his vintage A2 AR-15. It was rumored that Randy Hatheway fired off a score in the middle 780’s with his iron sighted AR-15 space gun but he didn’t post his score. It was nice to see Danny Gomez join us on the line. Leo was using the only wood gun on the line, an M1 Garand. Howie used some kind of contraption with his hand loads using rocks as bullets because “It doesn’t matta cause it just has to make a hole in the target at 100 yards." Just kidding Howie, glad to see you on the line. The match ran very well and was finished by 11:00am. Remember that the yearly club membership dues will be collected at the January match. The monies from the dues are used to keep the club functioning with insurance, targets, etc. Club elections were held before the match for the 2019 calendar year. The officers are: President - Alan Summers, Executive Officer/Secretary - Rick Cassara, Treasurer - Tim Somerville, Instructor - Angel Gomez, Web Site Manager - Nick Bethmann. Hope to see more shooters at the next 800 point match January 5, 2019.

Next Match - January 5, 2019
800 Point Regional Match

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