Match Results from February 3, 2018

February 3, 2018 was a beautiful day to shoot a 800 point XTC match. It was overcast with misty rain and 62 degree air temperature at match start time. We had three new members, another new shooter and two returning shooters. We had a full line and ran two relays. We welcomed Alex Warentz, Bill McEwan and Joshua Fitzgibbon. Match winner was Alan Summers who posted a score of 788-36X and also shot a Cold Bore X. Top Master was Lake Yoke who shot 775-28X with irons on his trusty AR-15. Top Expert was Seth Innes with a score of 747-18X also with irons. Top Marksman Unclassified was David Tzouanakis with a score of 636-4X. A special mention goes to new club member Josh Fitzgibbon who used a Marlin lever action 30/30. Next match we would like to see him shooting a Service Rifle. Thanks to Liz for helping run the match and call the line. It was great to see that many shooters on the line. Remember, you must post your score on the scoreboard for it to get it included in the newsletter and submitted to the NRA. See you all at the next 800 point match on March 3rd.

Next Match - March 3, 2018
800 Point Regional Match

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