Match Results from January 6, 2018

We had 47 degree air temperature at start time for our first match of the 2018 shooting season. Today we were glad to put our shooting coats on to stay warm. Six Sawgrass members plus Leo participated in today's match. Alan Summers won the match with a score of 787-25X. First place Master was Angel Gomez who posted a score of 781-40X. Angel had a great X count and shot some really tight groups in the Rapids. Way to go Angel. First place Sharpshooter was Steve Shalaby with 707-8X. That Expert card will be arriving soon. David Saez shot a Cold Bore X on his first shot of the day in Offhand. Top shooter with irons was Lake Yoke with 764-17X. We had three possible new shooters who observed our match and seemed interested in trying their hand at our sport. Thanks to Bob Harrison who brought donuts for us and the range staff. Bob and Leo shot their M1As. Thanks again to Liz and Leo for all the help with the match. It was a good match with great weather. Remember, it is time to renew your dues to keep the club going. We would like to see more shooters on the line. See you all next month.

Next Match - February 3, 2018
800 Point Regional Match

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