Match Results from July 7, 2018

A hot and calm day greeted eleven shooters for the July club match. We actually had the normal 500 point match plus the 300 point Garand match. Some braved the heat and shot both events. Match winner was Alan Summers with 494-19X. First Master was Lake Yoke, shooting irons, with 486-15X. Top Expert was Tim Somerville with 469-2X. Randy Hatheway was top match rifle. Jim Kinley, from the Tampa area, was the winner of the Garand match with a score of 270-3X. Thanks to all who helped run the match and call the line. Special thanks to Liz for cleaning the mold off of the target box and taking care of the ant infestation in the steel box. Thanks to Jeff Clark for calling the line. Good luck to all the Sawgrass Club members who are going to the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio in July.

Next Match - August 4, 2018
500 Point National Match

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