Match Results from November 3, 2018

An overcast day with cool weather greeted Sawgrass Rifle Club members for the November match. The 800 Point match was run by Alan Summers. Overall Match winner was Angel Gomez who fired a 778-22X as his wife and daughter cheered him on. First Place Expert was Tim Somerville, who put up a score of 746-6X. Tim was also the top shooter using irons. Steve Shalaby, who is still getting used to the 4X scope, fired a score of 696-9X. Sharpshooter John Ricksen, using irons had a score of 611-0X. John was having ammo chambering problems in the rapids. The club thanks John for the donation of some trophys. Also present was Randy Hatheway and Howie shooting their space guns. Leo was using a beautiful M1 Garand. Thanks to Liz for cleaning the target frame box and helping with the set up. In other club news, at the recent FSSA State XTC Championship held at Port Malabar club Secretary, Rick Cassara, won Match 1 offhand standing with a score of 189-3X. Lake Yoke placed third overall in that match with a score of 768-18X. In the EIC Match the next day Jorge Corbado finished second place overall with 479-10X and Angel Gomez took the bronze medal and received 6 EIC points with 476-15X. Rick Cassara (473-8X) and David Saez (458-7X) shot in their first EIC match. Sawgrass member Jeff Clark was the FSSA Match Director. It is almost time for club elections. If anyone wants to step up and take a position on the board, please make your intentions known. Currently we have three board members, Alan Summers - President, Rick Cassara - Secretary, Tim Somerville - Treasurer. The positions of Vice President and Chief instructor are vacant. The next match is December 1st and it is a 800 point match. Let's dust off that smokepole and attend the match.

Next Match - December 1, 2018
800 Point Regional Match and Club Officer Elections

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