Match Results from October 6, 2018

The Sawgrass Rifle Club October 500 Point and Annual Springfield 300 Point Match were held on October 6. Six members plus Howie and Leo participated in the match. The weather was humid. Alan Summers was the match winner with a score of 491-23X. Close on his heels was Angel Gomez with a score of 488-26X to win Top Master. Second place Master and top Iron Sight shooter was Lake Yoke with a score of 487-12X. There were three shooters in the Springfield Match, all using 1903A3s. Match winner was Alan with a 282-7X. David Saez was second with 273-7X. Steve Shalaby, using his original 1944 rifle, put up a score of 247-2X. Howie used his nice 1903 match rifle and Leo used his beautiful M1A. Thanks again to Liz for her help with the match and for calling the rapids. See you all at the November 800 point match!

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800 Point Regional Match

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