Match Results from September 1, 2018

The September monthly match was held on Labor Day weekend. Eight club members attended the match on this day with no wind but a threat of thunderstorms. The 500 point match was smoothly expedited and we were able to finish before the bad weather arrived. Top Expert shooter was Rick Cassara with a score of 477-12X. Rick will not be an Expert much longer and should be joining the Master classification soon. David Saez won the Master class with a score of 487-19X. Nice shooting David. Match winner was Alan Summers with a score of 497-24X. Top Irons was won by Lake Yoke with a score of 480-12X. Howie and Leo also shot but didn’t post any scores. Thanks to Liz for doing the match setup and for calling the rapid fire strings Remember, next month is the annual Springfield 1903, 1903A3 match but any vintage rifle or Garand will be allowed. The vintage rifle match will be run as relay 2 and relay 1 will be the normal 500 point match Hope to see more shooters on the line next month.

Next Match - October 6, 2018
500 point National Match.

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