Match Results from April 6, 2019

A beautiful morning greeted fifteen shooters for the John Wiles Memorial Match. Also held was an Okinawa Landings Tribute Match. A moment of silence was held for John Wiles and those who fought and died in the Okinawa battle. It was good to see a full line of match participants. The overall John Wiles Match winner was Jorge Caceres, who put up a score of 785-39X using his "space gun midget." Top service rifle was Alan Summers with a score of 785-33X. First place Master went to Rick Cassara with a score of 770-27X. First Place Expert was Steve Shalaby with a score of 744-5X. Top Sharpshooter was John Ricksen with a score of 700-10X. The Marksman/Unclassified was won by Mike Rappel with a score of 734-7X. Randy Hatheway, using a match rifle with match sights, shot his best ever score but didn't put it up on the board. He could have won the match. The Okinawa Tribute Match drew 6 competitors with all using a different rifle. The match consisted of sighters, then rapid fire string and last a slow fire string. It was determined that we wouldn't score the match as all were using different rifles. Rifles present were: Steve Shalaby-1941 Johnson Automatic, Mike Rappel- M1 Carbine (1945 Inland), Rick Cassara-WWII pickup 1941 Arisaka Type 99 Japanese and bayonet, Alan Summers-1954 M1 Garand, Neil Duffy-1903A1 Unertl Marine Sniper, Howie-1903 Springfield. These wood fun matches seem to be very popular and will continue in the future so dust off that old service rifle and give it a try. Thanks to all who helped me on the line. It was very nice to see new shooters on the line: John Gomez, Neil Duffy, James Kinley, Mike Rappel. The next match will be May 4th and it will be a 500 point match plus a wood gun match. Alan Summers, Club President

Next Match - May 4, 2019
500 Point National Match

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