Match Results from February 2, 2019

A no wind morning dawned for nine shooters for the February 800 point match. A 100 point wood gun fun match was also held to celebrate Groundhog Day. The top expert was Steve Shalaby AR-15, who shot a score of 740-21X. The top Master was David Saez AR-15, shooting a score of 770-28X. The high score that was shot with irons was delivered by Lake Yoke AR-15, 765-19X. Match winner was Alan Summers AR-15, 785-34X. Notable mention goes to Rick Cassara who used his M1 Garand during the match as his AR-15 upper wasn't back from a rebarrel job. Howie used his 1903 Springfield match rifle. Leo used a M1 Garand and Randy H. used a .223 match rifle with irons. The wood gun fun match was won by David Saez using his 1903A3, 96-3X. Lake used his AR-15 with irons and shot a score of 100-6X. Wood guns present on the line were: Swiss 96/11, 1903 Springfield, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and a British Enfield No 4 MK2. The Groundhog part of the fun match was won by David Saez with his 1903A3. Match winner was decided by who placed a shot closest to the X on the Groundhog target overlayed on the back of a SR1 target. Thanks to Liz for calling the line in rapids and cleaning up the target boxes After the match, the club hosted a pizza lunch at Enzo's Italian Restaurant for all the match attendees. The next 800 Point Match will be March 2. The next wood gun fun match will be in April, following the regular match. Remember, it's time to renew your dues.

Next Match - March 2, 2019
800 Point Regional Match

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