Match Results from January 5, 2019

A cloudy sky greeted ten shooters for the first 800 point match of 2019. A 100 point "Battle of the Bulge Tribute Match" was also held following the 800 point match. High score of the 800 match was posted by Jorge Caceres using his "Space Midget" rifle with a score of 788-39X. Top Service Rifle was Alan with a score of 787-39X using his scoped AR15. Top Iron Sight score of the match was posted by Lake Yoke with a score of 780-30X. Expert and Sharpshooter classes were combined and the win went to Tim Somerville with a score of 711-3X. The Tribute Match had five shooters. A moment of silence was held for those killed and wounded in the month-long battle from December 1944 to January 1945. Top Sniper was Randy Hatheway with 100-7X, using a 1903A4. Second Sniper was Alan with 100-5X, using a 1903A1. Rick Cassara was top M1 Carbine with a score of 84-1X. Angel Gomez wore a German uniform and using a K98 posted a score of 85-1X. Steve Shalaby was dressed in a US Airborne uniform and brought a semi-auto M1919 Browning .30 cal medium machine gun. Steve was generous enough to allow everyone to shoot his crew-served weapon. This match was enjoyed by all and gave us a chance to use our wood guns. Thanks to Liz for handling the match setup and calling the rapids. Thanks to Leo for repairing the club bullhorn. Thanks to all who participated in the match. Remember, it is time to pay your yearly dues of $30. This money is used to purchase club insurance, targets and backers, etc. The next match is February 2 and a pizza lunch will be hosted by the club at the pizza restaurant across the street from Markham after the match.

Next Match - February 2, 2019
800 Point Regional Match

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