Match Results from July 6, 2019

Thirteen shooters braved the heat and attended the July 500 point club appreciation match and pizza lunch. We welcomed new shooters to our club, Eric Cahill, Izzy Lopez, Miguel Palacios, and John Gomez. Rifles present on the line were AR-15's, M1A's, and Match Rifle Space Guns. Overall match winner was Alan Summers with a score of 490-20X. Top High Master was Jorge Caceres with a score of 488-16X. The Master Class high score was shot by Jorge Corbato, who put up a score of 486-14X. High score of the unclassed shooters was Eric Cahill with a score of 459-6X using an iron sighted AR-15. The handicap match winner was Rick Cassara with a score of 494-16X. Thanks to Liz for match support. The pizza lunch was at Enzo's across the street from Markham. Nice to see some new faces on the line and thanks to all who brought a new shooter. The next match is August 3rd. Good luck to all Sawgrass shooters that will be attending the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Next Match - August 3, 2019
500 Point National Match

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