Match Results from June 1, 2019

The heat and humidity of the Florida summer arrived on June 1st and most were thankful for the 500 point match! Nine shooters attended today with five competing. Angel Gomez was the overall match winner and Rick Cassara edged the field for the inaugural Handicap Match. Handicaps are established by posting at least 4 scores in the preceding 12 month period. The shooter with the highest average sets the Top Average and receives zero handicap points. All other shooters receive handicap points equal to 90% of the difference between their average and the Top Average. If a shooter has posted fewer than 4 scores in the preceding 12 months he/she will receive zero handicap points. The current handicap computations, which include scores from today, will be used for next month's handicap match and are shown below. Finally, David Saez won the Wood Gun Match with his 1903A3. Good shooting! Many thanks to Liz for calling the rapid stages and to Alan for cleaning, prepping, and painting the club box.

Next Match - July 6, 2019
500 point National Match and Garand match run concurrently.

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