Match Results from November 2, 2019

NOVEMBER 800 POINT MATCH. Ten participants attended the November 800 Point Regional Match. The club welcomes new shooter, Edward Marks. Present on the line were mostly optic sighted AR-15's, one iron sighted AR and 2 Garands. Top irons shooter was Eric Cahill with a score of 720-6X. High score in the Master category was Lake Yoke with a score of 782-36X. Lake had a great offhand score of 190-6X. Match winner was Alan Summers with a score of 786-39X. Handicap winner was Lake Yoke with a score of 794-36X. Sawgrass Bucks were awarded to the winners of the match, handicap match and the wood gun match. High score Garand was shot by Edward Marks. Not present at the match was Liz Wolny who was sick. Get well soon Liz. WOOD GUN MATCH. Six club members participated in the 300 point Armistice Day Wood Gun Match. Rifles present on the line were two M1917 Eddystone rifles, 3 1903A3 Springfields and a British Enfield No 4 MK2 in .303. Overall winner was Jorge Corbato using a Springfield 1903A3, 30-06, who posted a score of 280-5X. Congratulations to Jorge. Using the CMP Annex G, 2019 Achievement Award Scores Table, the following pins would have been earned had this been a CMP sanctioned match: Springfield Rifle: 1903A3 Corbato 280-5X Gold, 1903A3 Cassara 255-3X, 1903A3 Hathaway. Vintage Rifle: Enfield No 4 MK2 Summers 259-2X Bronze, M1917 Gomez 229-3X, M1917 Saez 214-1X. Thanks to all who attended the match. See you all at the next 800 point match on December 7th.

Next Match - December 7, 2019
800 Point Regional Match plus Pearl Harbor Day Tribute Pistol Match and Club Officer Elections

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