Match Results from October 5, 2019

The Sawgrass Rifle Club monthly match was held October 5th at Markham Park. Nice weather greeted the nine shooters that attended this 800 point match. Some of our regular match participants were out of town attending other matches. There were five AR's, Three AR-based match rifles, and one M1A present on the line. Overall match winner was Alan Summers with a score of 790-38X. Top match rifle was Jorge Caceres with a score of 783-35X. Top master was Rick Cassara, shooting a score of 771-23X, following close behind was David Saez with a score of 768-25X. Top irons shooter was Eric Cahill using his AR15 with a score of 719-11X. First Place expert was Steve Shalaby with a score of 731-12X. Handicap winner was Alan Summers. We welcomed new shooter Phil T. Thanks to Liz for match setup and for calling the line. A pizza lunch, hosted by the club, followed the match at Enzo's across the road from Markham. Next match will be an 800 point match. In addition, there will be a 300 point Armistice Day tribute match. Hope to see more shooters on the line. Remember, that even though it is only a 100 yard reduced match, it is still excellent training for a full distance course. The FSSA will hold the State Championship and EIC Match at PMRPC in November, so come out and train with us. Thanks to all who attended the Match.

Next Match - November 2, 2019
800 Point Regional Match plus Armistice Day Tribute Match

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