Match Results from September 7, 2019

The September club match was hot and muggy; however, five diehard competitors plus Randy Hatheway and Leo braved the elements for the monthly match. The wind was non-existent through the entire match. Among the shooters that posted their scores, there were two AR-15A2's. Top Irons shooter was Eli Olea, with a score of 466-14X. We welcomed back new member, Eric Cahill, who put up a score of 460-5X with an A2. Match winner using an optic was Alan Summers with a score of 494-26X. Very close behind was Jeff Clark with a score of 492-18X. Next was David Saez with a score of 482-11X. Jeff Clark won the Handicap Match. Leo was shooting a beautiful M1A and Randy was using a match rifle with match sight irons. The M1 Garand Tribute Match turned into a Garand workshop when one of the shooters had function problems. Thanks to Liz for calling the line and helping with match setup. The next match will be October 5 and will be a 500 point match. Pizza lunch hosted by the Club will follow the match. Remember, match fees have been reduced in order to stimulate more shooters on the line. This is your club and we all need to support it. See you all at the next match.

Next Match - October 5, 2019
800 point National Match.

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