Match Results from February 1, 2020

An overcast sky and the threat of rain kept the attendance light for the February match. The scheduled 800 point match was changed to a 500 point match which was completed before any rain. Six shooters attended. Top expert was Steve Shalaby, who shot a score of 468-11X, which is a new high score for him. First place master was David Saez, who put up a score of 478-13X. Rick Cassara shot a score of 475-6X to earn him second master. Match winner was Alan Summers with a score of 492-19X. Handicap match winner was Steve Shalaby with a score of 496-11X. The Iwo Jima Tribute 300 point match was held immediately after the 500 point match. Three club members participated in this match all with M1 Garands. Steve used borrowed ammo and Rick shot some of the match with a bayonet fixed. Great fun was had by all. Thanks to Liz for calling the line in rapids. The next match is a 800 point and a fun pistol match to be held on March 7th. Hope to see more match participation.

Next Match - March 7, 2020
800 Point Regional Match plus Pistol Fun Match

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