Match Results from January 4, 2020

The first match of the year was held on Saturday, January 4th at Markham Park. Ten shooters attended the match. Three match rifles were present and there were seven service rifles. Overall high score service rifle was shot by Rick Cassara, who posted a score of 780-22X. Top handicap match winner was also won by Rick with a score of 789-22X. High score match rifle was Alan Summers with a score of 787-43X. A big thanks to Liz for cleaning out the target box. Pizza lunch was hosted by the club at Enzo's after the match. Remember that it is time to renew your yearly club dues. See you all at the next club match, February 1st. It is an 800, plus an Iwo Jima Tribute Match.

Next Match - February 1, 2020
800 Point Regional Match plus Iwo Jima Tribute Wood Gun Match

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