Match Results from June 26, 2021

Sawgrass Rifle Club is back in business after monthly matches were suspended due to range closure for more than a year. Five shooters attended the "Welcome Back Match" that was held on June 5th. The 500 point match ran smoothly and after the match a short work party was held to clean up our boxes on the range. The participation by all the match attendees made this job's completion very fast. Thank you all. Top honors of match winner was awarded to Eli Olea who laid down the smack with a score of 490-15X. First place Master score was shot by David Saez, who posted a 484-5X. Top Irons went to Randy Hatheway with a score of 468-21X. Most creative shooting positions were shot by Howie. After the work detail was completed, the June 5th 200 point Airborne Recognition match was held. Alan was the only match participant and used a Garand. He posted a score of 192-4X shooting one string of slow prone followed by a string of rapid prone. All members present agreed to move the match date to the 4th Saturday of the month starting in July. An online vote will be held soon. Thanks to all who participated in the match and work detail. Fun was had by all. See you at the next match.

Next Match - July 24, 2021
500 point National Match and Invasion of Sicily Tribute Match

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