Match Results from September 25, 2021

Attendance was light for the September Sawgrass Rifle Club 500 point match that was held at Markham Park. Five shooters attended the match. The wind was calm and the air temperature was in the acceptable range. David Saez set the pace in the offhand stage with a score of 95-3X. It looks like that SCATT Trainer is working well for him. All five competitors posted offhand scores in the 90's. We ran two relays for the rapids with the even and odd numbered firing points. Match winner was club President, Alan Summers with a score of 493-23X. First place master was Duke Boele with a score of 488-14X. Welcome back Duke, nice to see you on the line. Top irons shooter was Randy Hatheway with a score of 485-16X. Immediately following the event match we held a wood gun "Operation Market Garden" tribute match. David and Alan were the two competitors for that match. Both shooters used M1 Garands representing the American Airborne Forces with rifles that would have been present during that operation. Alan was the winner after the combined scores of slow prone and rapid prone, with a score of 191-3X. It was a nice day at the range for holding our monthly match. Thanks to all who participated and helped during the match. We would still like to see more attendance on the line. The October match has been cancelled as most shooters will be attending the FSSA State XTC Championship at PMRPC. The next Sawgrass match will be November 27th.

Next Match - October 23, 2021
500 point National Match.

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