Match Results from July 23, 2022

Very hot and humid Florida day at Markham Park today! We had a light turnout for our monthly match. Many of our regularly monthly match participants were competing at the NRA matches at Atterbury, IN. Regardless, we had a good and fun match. Match Winner today was taken by Duke Boele with an outstanding 494-20x. Duke has extended his lead towards the 2022 Club’s Annual Service Rifle Championship. Great job everyone! We look forward to seeing everyone else back at the next match as well as new faces too! So, bring your friends, your kids, your brother, your sister, your wife or your girlfriend, club rifles are available. Next month’s match is August 27th. It will be a 500pt match. We will bring cold water, so no one passes out from the heat. Practice makes perfect, sling up and dry fire. SRC President, Angel Gomez

Next Match - August 27, 2022
500 Point National Match

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