Match Results from March 26, 2022

It’s official! The winner of The John Wiles Memorial Service Rifle Match for 2022 is Jorge Caceres with a 786 and 32X’s! Caceres shut down the competition. He earned his spot on the Memorial Eagle trophy and a plaque will be presented to him next month. Special mention to Rick Cassara 1st Place Master, he came in hot at second overall beating out a few High Masters with the high sitting rapid 199-10X and high offhand 192-6x for the day. Jorge Corbato came in for the high rapid prone 199-12X and David blew it up at 600 with a 200 and 14X’s. It was a very pleasant day for shooting. I don’t think I broke a sweat until we brought the targets in. Welcome our new member Curt to the line for his first shoot with the club. Gabe, Richard and Frank also joined us this year each very eager to learn. Randy represented match rifles, and Duke fell in love with his new scope. Nice to see Monkey Boy down south for a visit (bring a rifle next time). Jeff, thank you for calling the line on the second relay! Thank you, David and Jorge, for helping out after the match! Thank you all for asking me if you could help me with something and for my teachers giving knowledge to new Marksman, and remember we are examples of Marksman and some are examples of Distinguished Rifleman, the spirit of competition, fellowship and camaraderie is what keeps people coming back. We had 13 rifles on the line 2 of which were club rifles. I want to thank everyone for their patients with us running 2 relays on 800pt matches. I want to thank everyone for their help in teaching the new shooters. It is Imperative for us to survive as a club; it is Imperative for us to teach marksmanship as a club, both go hand in hand. Our numbers are growing. Bring a friend, family, coworker, that’s what the second relay is for…get them on the line! Next month will be a 500pt match. We will present Jorge Caceres with his award, and we should have club shirts ready to pass out. We will be postponing the Sawgrass Rifle Club cookout and our 2nd quarter meeting of the year due to an overlapping event a few of our members will be attending. We look forward to your attendance next month 4-23-22. P.S. shoot me a text soon if you want to purchase a club shirt before the order goes out sometime soon!! Angel 786-299-0560 Serving the 2nd Amendment, SRC 2022 leadership team

Next Match - April 23, 2022
Monthly 500-Point National Match

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