Match Results from October 22, 2022

It was a gorgeous day for shooting! Most of our members are at Malabar rifle and pistol club doing the same thing we are, except its for the State Championship. We had Gabriel enjoying the use of my back up rifle. It was my pleasure to loan my main rifle to Corbato. We welcomed Aaron as our newest member, he was making some nice groups on the old paper. Bob was on it with the old iron sights. We hope to see a strong turnout next month for the "Turkey shoot" will send out more info on that soon...... Corbato 480-9x Fraga 414-2x Chenoweth 411-4x We had Aaron Brito join the club today, he also joined the NRA today too. He got a 433-6x. His rifle was not legal since the upper is monolithic.

Next Match - November 17, 2022
800 Point Regional Match