Match Results from September 24, 2022

The weather was humid, but it held up today. We got a big storm on its way and many shooters opted out for this match leaving us with 9 shooters, so we postponed our special team match for December. We had 3 new shooters show up today, and school was in! We hope to see you again and bring your friends! Match winner was Jeff Clark with a 496-19X, Jeff also with a savage 98-2X offhand. Burning it down Jeff!! 1st High Master Jorge Caceres with a 494-19X, hot on Jeff's heels, had the high rapid sitting today with 100-3X. 1st Master was Duke Boele with a 491-21X, Duke had the high rapid prone 100-6X and the highest X count for the day. Angel Gomez with the high slow prone 200-13X, we had 3 shooters clean the 600yd and the rest with 199s, Monsters on their bellies!!!! Randy Eagle Eye Hatheway, killing it without a scope? 491-11, really? I can't see my feet. The race for the 2022 Service Rifle Championship is heating up! Jorge Caceres has taken the lead by 0.02 freaking points ahead of Jeff Clark. We had to use two digits after the decimal point for reporting the cumulative scores because of how close the race has gotten in the HM class! Not far away is Duke, who is comfortably leading the way among the master's crowd. Shalaby is holding EX and SS class hostage, if only he can make 2 more matches it could be in the bag! Fraga on top of the MK and UNC crowd needs to stay vigilant as anything could happen. Thank you, guys, for helping out with the new shooters and getting the word out. Next match October 22 looking forward to cooler temperatures and new faces!

Next Match - October 22, 2022
500 point National Match.

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